Why should I choose Advanced Minds Tutoring?

Our tutors have experience in every type of school setting (public, private, and online), and they are highly qualified. When you work with us, you are getting a tutor that will give your student quality one-on-one attention and personalized interactive instruction. Plus, our tutors are ready to listen, encourage, and empower your student so that they can not only improve their skills, but also increase in their overall self-confidence.

What grade levels do you offer tutoring for?

We currently tutor grade levels 3-8 for all of our English tutoring, and mathematics tutoring for grade levels 3-5.

What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

We currently tutor for: Reading, mainstream English, English as a Second Language, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and English as a Foreign Language. Mathematics tutoring is also available.

How will tutoring sessions be conducted?

All sessions will be done virtually (online), via Zoom video conferencing, and the online whiteboard software BitPaper and/or HeyHi. Skype is available upon request. You will need a computer, or laptop, a webcam, and access to high-speed internet.

How long are tutoring sessions?

You may choose between 30-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions.

How many sessions will be provided per week?

It is generally recommended that sessions be held twice a week, however, you have the flexibility to choose how many sessions will be held per week. 

How much does each tutoring session cost?

The 15-minute initial consultation session is free, and we charge $50 USD per hour for English tutoring sessions. Math tutoring sessions are $50 USD per hour.

How do I pay for a tutoring session?

Payments are collected electronically through Square, on a bi-weekly basis. Every other Friday you will be charged for two weeks of tutoring in advance. For example, if your tutoring sessions are scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays, you will be charged the Friday before your first week of sessions begin. Payments must be made before your scheduled sessions begin.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation. Sessions canceled within 24 hours may not be rescheduled. Exceptions may be made in case of an emergency.

Since all sessions are prepaid, we do not provide refunds for canceled sessions. Instead, your paid credit will be applied to the next scheduled tutoring session.

What is your “no-show” policy?

It is important that you communicate with us as soon as possible, if you know that your student will be late to our tutoring session. If the student does not arrive within 15 minutes of a scheduled session time, they will be considered a “no-show.” A “no-show” session cannot be rescheduled, though exceptions may be made in case of an emergency. Time missed due to a late arrival will not be made up, and refunds will not be possible.

How many times will emergency situations be excused?

Twice in a one-year period.

What is your planned absence policy?

If you know in advance that you will need to miss a session due to a vacation, medical appointment, or other reason, please let us know at least two weeks in advance.

What happens if my payment is declined?

You will be contacted directly in the case that a payment has been declined, and the payment must be made before the tutoring session is scheduled. Otherwise, the session will be cancelled.